My web site is an ongoing project. It offers my perspective on the latest trends affecting shore excursions, pre/post programs, overlands and other various subjects within the cruise industry – my profession and my passion for the past 25 years.

I’m showcasing excerpts from some recent speeches and panel discussions I’ve had the pleasure of participating in, will soon introduce a blog to keep my colleagues updated on my thoughts and expand a picture portfolio of my adventures around the world while developing new land program product and site inspecting attractions, venues and hotels near and far.

Please do check back soon, and if you want to reach me in the interim, please use Wishing you smooth sailing and safe and comfortable travels.


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Did You Know: I suspect not all of you realize the origin of the word ‘posh’. It involves our cruise industry. Before seagoing vessels between England and India were air-conditioned, those with money and ‘in the know’ traveled, well, ‘posh’:

  • Port (left)
  • Out
  • Starboard (right)
  • Home

This way, the sun never hit their cabins and they stayed at a civilized temperature.