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As part of Indy Fringe in mid-August thru early-September, ‘What Could Go Wrong?’ will be presented in its 55-minute condensed version at The District Theatre Cabaret Room on Mass Ave. in Indy (dates are below).

Tickets for each show or ‘pak tix’ if you are seeing multiple fringe shows can be purchased at:

Saturday 20 August at 10:30pm

Sunday 21st at 1:45pm Thursday 25th at 5:30pm Saturday 27th at 7pm Friday 2 September at 9pm

Sunday 4th at 6:15pm

This is an intimate cabaret venue, the perfect place to see my show and tickets are limited so don’t delay – purchase today! Please show your support of ‘What Could Go Wrong?’, your local talent favorite David Vass ( me ! ) and the Indy Arts Community by supporting Indy Fringe. And remember, if you can’t attend one of these dates, my pay-per-view full show can be linked to from my website: and purchased right HERE!


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